This programme is for ambitious women to become the best version of themselves, by building unstoppable confidence and infectious energy, so they can thrive in body, career & relationships.

The #FFP Elite Transformation programme

Are you a high achiever in many area’s of life but struggle to find the time for your own body & confidence?

Have you lost your way and now struggling to fit into all your lovely slim fit clothes?

Do you want to have that infectious energy to inspire your kids, friends & work colleagues to do more?

Are you a women who doesn’t want to settle for average?

Good news, the #FFP Elite Transformation programme might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

I want to help you look, feel and perform at your very best so you can thrive across body, career & relationships  – and achieve results you never thought would ever be possible.


Therefore this programme is designed exclusively for you and I’m on hand 24/7! I’m not just going to give you a plan and then simply leave you to your own devices.


I want you to walk away with complete confidence and clarity on how to maintain your new incredible body shape (and lifestyle), so you never need to invest another penny into another coaching programme again!


If you’re ready to COMMIT to change and you are ready to be blown away by the incredible results you can achieve when working closely with a coach.


 This plan starts from £997

What our members have to say

Meet Claire

“I used to restrict myself constantly…I always felt guilty when socialising and for having the nice things in life. I was scared it was all stopping me from reaching my target weight.

Within the first few weeks of working with Leanne, I could already see this was something that I could adhere to and that I could have a takeaway or some chocolate if I fancied it. My love for the gym has hit a high and I genuinely love my 3-4 sessions per week, which is more manageable for me as a working mum.

For anyone who is not sure about joining, I would say 100% do it! I’m delighted to say my condition is the best it’s been and I’m on so much more food now!” - Claire

Meet Laura

“I think over the past 10 years I have tried every 'diet' going, any exercise class I could find but nothing worked or at least nothing I felt was sustainable…fast forward into 2019 and working with Leanne. I feel like a different person.

I am feeling so much more confident in walking around the pool in just my bikini where in previous years I would cover up to even go and get a drink from the pool bar.

Leanne has got a lot to answer for not only has she helped me lose weight and get leaner but she’s also helped with my body confidence!” - Laura

Meet Janine

“Previously I had lost 2 stone following a popular weight loss plan, I was also doing lots of gym classes but I still didn’t understanding what I needed to do, to feed my body correctly and get results I wanted.

I felt like I had hit a plateau until I started with Leanne, she has taught me so much!! I’ve learned that no food is a 'bad' food and how I can be flexible with my calories to suit my lifestyle. Also I’ve gained the confidence to use the gym floor, I’m so much healthier, leaner and stronger. I deadlifted 67kg recently!

I no longer hate the image staring back at me from the mirror. I would highly recommend working with Leanne. It’s has been the best decision I have made” - Janine

This programme is for a select few women who really want to commit to change. If this sounds like you then please apply by filling out the form below to arrange a consultation call.

What's involved?

The #FFP Elite programme is the complete package unique to you and your goals including all the tools, information and support you’ll ever need to get the results you want and deserve.

You can start at any time. After our first consultation we will know if the #FFP Elite Transformation programme is for you. It can take around 3-5 days to get your personalised programme set up and have you ready to rock with a clear plan you will love & enjoy!

You’ll receive 1-1 calls to keep you accountable and on track. Outside our calls you can what’s app me at anytime – I’m here for you! The more contact and accountability we have the better our results will be too.

Your training programmes will be personal to your goals, lifestyle and what you like or dislike.  You will also get access to a range exercise tutorials for all programmes so you have confidence and will feel like I’m right there with you. No more wasting time in the gym feeling lost and confused! Or if you do not want to go to the gym or struggle to get there, I will create home workouts available that will still get you fantastic results.

Your food plan will also be tailored to suit your goals, lifestyle and include the stuff you enjoy! My focus will be on making what you eat as tasty and enjoyable as possible, with over 60 recipes and counting for you to try.  It will also includes calorie and protein recommendations to allow you to be flexible when you are on the go and for cooking with a family.


An added extra of being an FFP Elite member you receive a FREE #FFP water bottle to help keep you hydrated and focused on the programme. This will be posted to you shortly after you sign up.

Free access to the #FFP membership site with 50+ meal ideas & video content to teach you more about fitness, nutrition & mindset! Also you can join our Facebook community with like minded women so you no longer feel alone.

8 Week #FFP

Group Support

Group Training Programmes

3 Meal Plans With Calorie & Protein Recommendations

2 FFP Cookbooks

Weekly check in forms & voice message feedback when necessary.

Fortnightly live Q&A

Website Membership Bursting With Informative Videos

Facebook Community with other members & extra tips & advice from me.

1-1 Elite #FFP

1-1 Elite Coaching

Personalised Training Programmes suited to your goal & facilities available

Personalised Food Plans With Calorie & Protein Recommendations

60+ Meal Ideas & monthly new cookbooks

Weekly check in’s and calls whenever you need me

Unlimited What’s App Support

Free Website Membership Bursting With Informative Videos

Facebook Community Support with other FFP members


"I don’t have access to a gym, can I still do this plan?"

Yes absolutely, I have over 50 home workouts you can do. My home workouts are only 20mins long. If you can commit to three of these a week you will be sure to still get fantastic results. If you have a home gym or weights I can still write up a program suited to your goals.

"Can you do this plan if you are vegan or vegetarian?"

I have worked with many vegetarian’s and vegan’s who achieve amazing results. Although I am not an expert in this field. I will still tailor your food plans & calorie guides according to how you prefer to eat, ensuring I keep in all your favourite foods. I also have a number of meal ideas you can try. If these are meat based I do provide a veggie alternative.

"Can you do this programme if you are Pre/Post-Natal?"

I am a pre & postnatal qualified coach. However, each women’s experience with pregnancy can be different. Therefore it would be important for us to arrange a call and see if this programme is going to help you with where you currently are on your journey.

Before we start I would like a letter of consent from your doctor to show you are fit to exercise.

"Is the #FFP Elite too advanced for me?"

I know ‘elite’ can sound a little fancy, but it does not mean that you have to be at an elite level.

I currently work with women of all ages and different abilities. From women who want to lose weight to women who want to be fit enough to climb the stairs without feeling sick.

My elite programme plainly means the best of the best coaching. I want to be hands on and create a plan that works for you and gets you the results you have always dreamed of.

But you must be someone who is willing to adhere to the coaching programmes.

"What if I have a lot of social occasions or holidays coming up?"

Relax, remember this programmed is planned around you and your lifestyle.

I no longer want you to fear every social occasion or holiday. I want to show you how we can enjoy these occasions and still achieve results.

"Can I still eat out and drink alcohol at the weekend?"

Yes, but liquid calories can add up without us realising. I’d recommend choosing more spirits with calorie free mixers and light wines like prosecco. Also to ensure you aren’t sick & hungover for days after a night out as it will affect your progress, mindset and your motivation.

Got a question? Contact me!

The FFP Lean Lifestyle Lockdown Planner with Leanne Conroy

The #FFP Handbook


  • The methods used that get our girls incredible results on the 8 week #FFP
  • 3 x Home training programs
  • 3 x Body weight sessions
  • 12 x meal ideas
  • Access to membership site

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