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Hi, I’m Leanne

I’ve always been told by other women ‘one day it will catch up with you’.

When it did, I had a decision to make.

I could settle for an average, unhealthy and low confidence life..

Or I could make a change and commit to becoming the BEST version of me.

I choose the latter.

“I’m happy again with who I am”

– Siobhan

Latest Team Results

All with unique goals and starting points. All united in their mission to feel strong, happy and body confident. We all come in different shapes and sizes and we’re all likely to change in different ways. This is why the programme is designed to support you and your goals. Check out some of the team’s fantastic results below – it’s all about making long term lifestyle changes!


“I’m so glad I stuck with this programme and trusted the process! I definitely feel so much happier and positive within myself, so a massive thank you Leanne! You have been fantastic throughout this whole process. I thought doing FFP I would do my 8 weeks and see slight changes and end up going back to how I was before but I’ve come away with so much knowledge and can’t wait to carry this on!”


“The FFP has taught me how to love my body and feel confident again. I have stopped noticing all the ‘faults’ and feel so much better in myself. I have a much better understanding of calories and protein too so I’m able to enjoy life, fuel my body and stay in control. No food is a ‘bad’ food! It is definitely worth the money for everything you learn plus all the support you get from Leanne and the community Facebook group. Thank you Leanne.”


“Definitely sign up!!! I wish I had just signed up when I originally had heard about it as it has been amazing!⁣ The £12 or so a week is 10000% worth it as you come out of the FFP having learnt so much and having achieved so much in the short 8 weeks! Also if you think that there’s no point of you signing up because you have a party, night out, holiday etc in the middle, then think again!!!”


“Just do it! If you want to transform your body, eat well and feel more confident, sign up to FFP. Leanne has been amazing throughout the 8 weeks. Her feedback is so constructive and motivational. The plan is realistic, enjoyable and fits into everyday life. Plus you don’t even need the gym to do this!⁣”


“The biggest breakthrough for me was looking at my pictures and realised that there is big difference. I used to think I needed to exercise everyday in order to see results, this is not the case.⁣ ⁣ To anyone thinking of joining….100% do it, it will change your whole attitude and mindset to food exercise and life.”


“Leanne! You came to me at a time when I was totally stuck in a rut. I cannot thank you enough! The #FFP was the kick up the bum I needed and I’ve totally been wowed by it. After joining I think the first two weeks I was still feeling a bit lacking motivation but I think when I weighed myself on week 3 I’d lost 4 pounds! I was shocked because I’d still been socialising ect. That’s when I realised something must be working! It made me want to keep going”

Would you like to join the team?

The Lead-Her programme is the complete package unique to you and your goals including all the support you’ll ever need to get the results you want and deserve.

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  • The methods used that get our girls incredible results
  • 2 x gym training plans
  • 3 x 20min home workouts
  • 12 x meal ideas
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