Ladies, Let's Get Strong

Are you feeling lost and uninspired with your workouts?

Are you so busy that your training keeps being put down the priority list?

Do you miss being the stronger and more confident version of you?

Or maybe you are yet to meet this badass version of you…

Would you like to follow a programme with other incredible women and become the strongest version of you yet?

Then The Lead-Her Lifters Programme will be for you.

Welcome To Lead-Her Lifters

This programme has been created to take the stress, confusion and overwhelm out of exercising.

To help busy women LIFT their way into a body they love and feel confident with for all the adventures life brings us.

On Lead-Her Lifters we focus on 4 key areas:

Building A Strong Body

Make this a summer to remember by making your training a priority. Follow our well-structured programme to become the strongest and fittest version of you yet.

Finding Your Confidence

Confidence comes from showing up for yourself and doing what you said you would do.
It also comes from seeing yourself overcome a challenge and improve at something.
This summer we won't be just focusing on how you look but what you can physically do and achieve in your workouts.

Saving You Time & Energy

I know you're a busy woman. So allow me to save you the overwhelm and thinking time by providing you with the BEST plan you can fit around your lifestyle and get the most from your gym sessions... so you feel in control.

Join The Lead-Her Team

I know weight training can sometimes feel a little lonely. So by joining myself and other like-minded women in the Lifters Group. Together we will share wins, our lifts, questions, support and have fun along the way.

Programme Includes
  • A 12 week training plan – This block focuses on having your strongest and most confident summer yet.
  • Ideal for beginner and intermediate lifters.
  • Two, three and four training days available in the gym and at home (home workouts are with Dumbbells or Kettlebells).
  • Alternative exercise suggestions for smaller gyms with limited kit.
  • Whats App group support with other likeminded women for lifting advice, tips, motivation, encouragement and to ask any questions. 
  • Access to our membership site with learning resources to help you become a better and more confident lifter.
  • Welcome pack to your door with gym goodies
  • Launching Winter 2024
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Absolutely! We have home workouts available using kettlebells and dumbbells. 

Some of our ladies also like these as a back-up for days they cannot make the gym

The Lead-Her Lifting programme is created for beginner to intermediate lifters. 

We will have exercise alternatives incase you wish to take an easier or harder option. 

A part of this programme is to push you out of your comfort zone and help you become a more confident lifter. Sometimes that will come from trying new things. 

As a group you can send me videos of your lifts for feedback to help you train with confidence. 

On the Lead-Her lifters plan our workouts run in blocks of 12 weeks.

This means you will have the same 2-4 workouts to work and improve on in this time.

It is hard to get really strong and confident with a programme in a shorter time frame. 

Think about it, it is only 12 attempts at that exercise. 

And Trust me, 12 weeks goes in fast and with sickness, holidays and life getting in the way.

So we have some buffer room for you to still make great progress by the end of the 12 weeks. 

After this plan you will have the option to move into the next block and keep working on your goals 

I am a pre & postnatal qualified coach. However, each women’s experience with pregnancy can be different.

Therefore I would prefer to work with you on a 1-1 basis than on a lifting group plan.

I would recommend doing a mummy MOT before reintroducing exercise.

If you do wish to join this plan I would require a letter of consent from your doctor to show you are fit and able to exercise.

Relax, life will always be busy with trips, weddings, illness and injuries.

So I know there will be no ‘perfect’ weeks.

Also I know a bit of rest and recovery can be good for you and your overall strength.

We will also be here to make sure you get back into routine ASAP after holidays and trips. 

Many people struggle to find their drive after trips and take months off training. But not when you are in the Lifters Gang!

If you wish to exercise whilst on holiday that is great too.

We have lots of quick 20min YT workouts available to do on the go or at home if you are struggling for time.

Whilst this programme focuses only on providing you with an awesome training programme. 

Behind the scenes on the membership site we do have educational videos on protein, pre and post workout requirements, supplements and much more. 

If you do want to look into your nutrition more I would advise working together on a 1-1 basis

The Lead-Her lifters is a group programme for women who want to feel a part of something special.

You must be in the group chat to receive any tips, advice or support from Leanne.

If you wish to work with Leanne privately then the Lead-Her 1-1 programme will be best CLICK HERE to find out more.

If you have any more questions please email:

Do You Want More Support?

Our 1-1 Lead-Her Optimise is the complete package unique to you and your goals including all the support you’ll ever need personally, physically and professionally to get the results you want and deserve.