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Handbook 1
  • One off payment & lifetime access
  • 3 full body gym programmes
  • Exercise tutorial videos & 3 home workout videos
  • 9 different meal ideas with cooking instructions and calories & 3 FFP date night meals
  • FFP handbook to help you create your own plan to achieve your goals in an easy & simple way
  • Website membership with some extra tips on a number of topics to help you achieve your goals
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This is a 5 day free trial of the Female Fitness Programme. Please note this will only give you access to content for week 1 of the 10 week programme.
April 12th - 10 Week FFP
  • 6 full body gym programmes
  • 1 weekly new home workout
  • 3 sample food plans with calorie and portion recommendations (28 meals in total)
  • Weekly new meals and snack ideas
  • Fortnightly private voice messages. Feedback via Facebook messenger or whats app.
  • Website membership bursting with content to teach you more about fitness, nutrition and mindset
  • Facebook community so you don't feel alone and can ask questions at any time.
Please note your subscription does not open until 12th of April 2020.
Home Workouts
You don’t need a gym to get fit, healthy and strong. There is lots of other ways we can keep you active. So why not challenge yourself through a series of 20 minute exercises at times that suit you.