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The #FFP really is such a great community to be a part of and I’m so happy and proud of how it’s grown and how many girls it has helped so far. But don’t just take my word for it…here’s what some of the FFP graduates have to say…

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“The FFP has shown me that I am not too old to change my lifestyle for the better and that counting calories and protein doesn't mean I have to starve myself.”


“The FFP really is so manageable and it’s such a good feeling to take back control.”


“I have lost 20 pounds and I’m looking and feeling better in my clothes so I’m determined to reach my goal by Christmas!”

No name

“ Life will get in the way but that’s okay as I know how to stick to my programme and still actually have a social life!”


“I feel so much more comfortable in myself than I did at the start of the programme. It has shown me that I can do what I set out to, I just need to stick with it and the results will come”


“The FFP has educated me so much and completely changed my outlook - I no longer categorise foods as 'good' or ‘bad’ or feel guilty eating or not eating anything. Our Facebook support group was also like a wee community and reminded you that everyone is going through the same thing.”


“Forget quick fix diets – the FFP gives you a whole lifestyle makeover and you won't look back. It's more than just a food and fitness plan; it’s a community of lovely ladies with the same goals of wanting to get fitter and happier!”


“I’ve completely changed my mindset. I feel like a wee ball of positivity these days and always looking on the bright side of things.”


“I had bought this gym top but I’d have never wore it as I hated my arms and my back fat but since I have lost those wobbly bits, it fits great!”


“For the first time in a long time I'm walking more and feeling fitter and I finally I felt confident on holiday.”


“I have been feeling so motivated, happy and have loads of things coming up that I'm looking forward to! I have compared before and after weight, measurements and photos and the difference I can see is unreal.”


“Over the past 10 weeks I've had CHEESE, bacon bagels (literally every day for breakfast) pasta, chocolate (I'd say I eat more chocolate now than I did before this program!) dinners out, fizzy juice all the things we have all cut out in previous attempts at "dieting"


“I felt good and confident in a bikini for the first time in forever. I now love my body instead of constantly thinking about losing weight.”


“My goal was to change my lifestyle, get some focus and finally fit into my favourite clothes again and now I can and I have.”


“I wanted to feel better about myself, and feel happier - which I definitely do! I wanted to feel like the old me but I ended up feeling like a new me, which is a whole lot better!”


“Leanne really is such a lovely, approachable, funny person who you immediately warm to. She does not shout at you, or make you feel bad if you go off track but will nudge you back in the correct direction and remind you of why you're doing this!”


“I have never been so consistent with training and food and I am feeling great. This is my way of life now – it isn’t just for the 10 weeks. I am excited to be leading a healthier and happier life.”


“I've learned how to track my calories and make smart choices with food, which has allowed me to eat guilt-free and feel in control of my eating. I've learned that progress is NOT determined by the scales”


“Through the FFP I have controlled my binge eating and I no longer feel guilty if I have a high calorie treat. I have also stopped weighing myself completely.”


“I've transformed my body - but I've also transformed my mind! I don't automatically reach for food when live had a rubbish day. I don't give up and go on a massive binge if I slip up... most importantly though, I believe in myself now more than ever. ”


“I feel I have also learnt how important it is to step back from the scales and focus on measurements - I didn't realise how much weighing myself was controlling my mood and self-esteem.”


“Standing in a changing room trying on clothes and looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw was what motivated me to sign up. I wanted to look and feel better in my clothes and now I do."

Claire M

“The programme has taught me not to give up... the FFP has completely changed me - I may not be perfect but I now know what I want and I won't stop until I'm there.”


“It is just 10 weeks and the way it changes how you feel about your body is amazing. It is also so helpful to have Leanne there for accountability and the support of the other women on the plan was great.”


“ The biggest challenge for me was probably trying to find motivation to stay on plan when I’m at work but this new flexible approach has helped massively... the FFP really will to get you on the right path and it’s much simpler that I ever thought it would be.”


“Towards the end of the 10 week period my friend took a picture with me in the background. There was no posing or flattering angles and for once, I wasn't disgusted by what I saw - I actually had to do a double take!”


“Over the past 10 weeks I cannot believe how much weight I have lost - much more than I had originally set out to lose! I also love how strong I feel when exercising.”


“I thought you had to do a ton of cardio to lose body fat but I have learned lifting weights is the way forward and it doesn't make you look like a man!”


“I have definitely gained so much more confidence in myself over the 10 weeks... for the first time I bought new gym leggings and women’s t-shirts to wear instead of the baggiest trickiest and men’s t-shirts I could find.”


“Through the FFP I have learned that I can eat and get in better shape and most importantly that I should do all this for me and no one else.”


“The FFP has made me realise more than I have ever done before that your health is everything. Now my whole family eats breakfast together and we do Leanne’s HIIT workouts too.”


“My goal was to feel more confident and toned and it has totally been achieved. My results are so much better than I ever thought they would be and I'm so happy with how I look and feel.”


“I loved all the home workouts! I have never got up at 5am to exercise in my life but during the FFP, when I was really busy, I happily did it and felt energised for the rest of the day!”


“If you’re thinking of joining then I’d say just to it, you will never look back... your life will completely change and it's such an amazing feeling. The FFP has brought out the best in me”

My mum

“I LOVE weight training and I can't believe how much my confidence has grown since training with Leanne. I don't even think twice about going into the free weights area - even if the guys are using it.”

Claire K

“Through the FFP I’ve learned that I can reach my goals, I am strong and I can push harder. I have also learned that food can be both yummy and healthy and that exercise does not need to be boring.”


“Leanne has helped me find a diet and exercise plan that works for me. I have come away a new person when it comes to food and eating out, I LOVE trying new things!”


“It has been the best thing having Leanne there cheering me on every session and keeping me accountable every day.”


“Although my wedding is still 4 months away, I feel so much more comfortable in my dress and in myself.”


“A major breakthrough for me was accepting that it is okay for change to take time. I feel like my body is changing for the better and forever - not just for a few weeks.”


“Although curbing my sweet tooth biggest challenge to date, I no longer see food as the enemy and I look forward to Sunday prep day!”


“Across the 10 weeks I have really enjoyed learning about food and what my body needs in order to make it stronger. I now know that everything in moderation is allowed. I can still do stuff with friends and my boyfriend and not feel guilty about it.”


“Through FFP I have learned that the number on the scales isn't everything and it does not define who I am or my progress. My biggest challenge to date was believing in what others say about me but I am starting to see what others see and believing in myself a bit more.”


“I have learned that food is NOT the enemy – it is there to be enjoyed and if I want a take away, I can have one without feeling guilty. It is not as difficult as you might think it is as simple changes make a massive difference.”


“I am way more confident with the opposite sex now and getting loads of compliments from everyone about how well I look.”


“The FFP has made such a difference to my lifestyle and mindset. I no longer hate what I see in the mirror and I feel stronger and have much more energy.”


“4 weeks in I remember feeling a bit down having only lost a few pounds. Leanne sent me comparison photos of myself and the difference in my body shape after 4 weeks was really noticeable.”


“I wanted to make a sustainable lifestyle change... I feel so much healthier, confident and generally better about the way I look.”


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